Award Wining Entree's

cheesy pig

The Cheesy Pig

This is the ONE that started it ALL!! Signature Smoked Pork Butt, house made Mac and Cheese, finished with our Signature PIG Dip BBQ Sauce served on a Kaiser Roll.

The Uptown Philly

The Uptown Philly

The second best Philly in the USA. Chargrilled Ribeye, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, and house garlic mayo all served on a roll we can't pronounce.

The Not-Cho Burger

The Not-Cho Burger

This is the first burger we featured. Spicy Doritos, Dual Smashed Burgers, Pepper Jack cheese, smoked bacon, jalapeno's and house spicy mayo served on a Kaiser Roll

The Bayou Classic

The Bayou Classic

Dual Smashed Burgers, onions, and Colby cheese topped with Crawfish Etouffee Cream Sauce served on a Kaiser Roll. Need we say more.

The Kickin Chicken

The Kickin Chicken

Grilled Chicken Breast, smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, THE best pickle and topped with our Humpback Sauce served on a Kaiser Roll

The Cajun Sip

The Cajun Sip

The #BUSTIN creation. House Mac, Crawfish Etouffee, onions, chives Ribeye Steak and Humpback sauce all served over Crooked Letter Fries

Our Signature Appetizers

cheesy pig fries

Cheesy Pig Fries

House Mac and Cheese and Signature Smoked Pork Butt served over Crooked Letter Fries and finished with our Signature Pig Dip BBQ Sauce.

bayou fries

Bayou Fries

Crawfish Etouffee Cream Sauce served over Crooked Letter fries and finished with Humpback sauce and chives.



Pork Tamales topped with Crawfish Etouffee Cream Sauce and finished with Humpback sauce and Chives. YES we did that.....

Award Winning Desert


Bread Pudding Serving

Infused with our Signature Bourbon sauce and topped with roasted pecans. 6oz portion......0.0%ALC/VOL


Half-Pan Pudding

For the person that wants to be that guest or host that brings the best dessert? We got you covered!


Full-Pan Pudding

Hosting a party, attending a get together, or weekly supply? This is for YOU!! Orders?

Watch for These Specials

steak fridays

Steak Friday

Hand-cut Ribeye, chargrilled to order, in our Signature Seasoning served with loaded mash and those irresistible green beans. Your choice of either our blueberry reduction sauce or crawfish etouffee to take that steak to the next level

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Taco Tuesdays

TACO Tuesdays

Every now and then we get crazy and feature our Fusion Tacos!! Wanna chase us around for the Flammin' Pig? Those Hot Cheetos and our Signature Mac and Cheese on a tortilla will get ya hooked . . .

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